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Craig A. Severance, CPA is a dedicated professional with a long and varied experience in financial matters, an internationally-recognized expert and writer on energy economics,  and a small business owner.

Orginally from Council Bluffs, Iowa, Craig Severance was honored as a National Merit Finalist.   In 1976, he and Saunders Miller co-authored The Economics of Nuclear and Coal Power (Praeger, 1976), after which Mr. Severance served as Assistant to the Chairman and to Chief Commerce Counsel of the Iowa State Commerce Commission, Iowa's utility commission.

Mr. Severance then went on to found and become Executive Director of the Iowa Center for Local Self-Reliance, which received support from donors and from the State of Iowa and the City of Des Moines to demonstrate and teach energy efficiency and solar energy technologies to the general public.  He authored A Solar Greenhouse Guide for Iowa and the Central Midwestern States (Iowa State University Energy Extension Service, 1980).

From 1985 to 1991 Mr. Severance again served the State of Iowa, as Finance Manager of the Iowa Railway Finance Authority, responsible for the multi-milllion dollar state fund which succeeded in saving hundreds of miles of rail branch lines to dozens of communities and businesses from abandonment.  During his tenure he managed a comprehensive financial analysis of all of Iowa's remaining branch lines to study which lines might be financially viable.

From 1991 through 1994 the Severance family lived in Muskegon, MI where Mrs. Avis Severance, D.O., completed her Family Practice Residency.  While in Muskegon, Mr. Severance worked as a budgeting and housing counselor for the City of Muskegon's Communities First program.

In 1995 the Severances moved to Grand Junction, CO.  In 1999, Mr. Severance passed the CO CPA Exam as one of its "Top Ten Scorers" with an average score of 90.5 (at the time a passing score was 75 and 90% of exam participants failed at least one part of the 4-part exam on their first sitting).   Mr. Severance worked for another local CPA firm until 2002, when he established his own firm as a sole practitioner. 

In addition to running his CPA practice, Mr. Severance is also an energy economics analyst and has publications on energy economics on several national websites and the peer-reviewed Electricity Journal.   He has performed energy economics analyses for several local businesses and a regional bank in Western Colorado.

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