Craig A. Severance, CPA If you are looking for a CPA firm, your needs and the style and level of the CPA firm should closely mesh. I am a sole practitioner, and as such can offer personalized service with a high level of professional competence.

While certain clients require highly specialized services, the largest CPA firms are often characterized by a high cost structure and an impersonal approach. They are sometimes staffed with subordinates who do the actual work, but are not allowed to speak with clients. While large firms can offer financial statement audits and other specialized services, your own needs may not require engagement of this type of firm. You may rather wish to employ a sole practitioner, who is more likely to give your account personalized attention.

Though your business or personal tax needs may not require the services of a large firm, you nevertheless want to know you are hiring a highly competent CPA. I have over 35 years of experience in the financial arena, and was honored to receive the designation of "Top Ten Scorer" on the CO CPA Exam (one of the top ten scorers for the exam cycle). I serve a wide range of clients ranging from some of this community's largest businesses, to very small firms and investors. I stay current with the latest developments by taking the best continuing education courses offered in Colorado -- the high-level, in-person courses taught by the tax lawyers at DU.

My personal approach is to get to know the specific needs of my clients and recommend the tax planning strategies that work best for them. The right solution is usually very individual to the specific client.

As someone who has worked with both very large and very small businesses, I know there is no one tax planning structure that works best for all. Some businesses work best if taxed as sole proprietorships both for simplicity and for the special tax breaks only available to that form of business. Others may take advantage of different forms of business organization such as LLC's taxed as partnerships, S-Corporations, or C-Corporations. You need a tax advisor that cares enough to inquire about your own situation, and offer you suggestions that will work best for you.

I also strive to work to make things easier and flow more smoothly. Many clients tell me they were disillusioned with the process used by other firms where they would drop off files, and through a somewhat mysterious process adjustments would be made and a tax return would emerge. At impersonal firms, often the same mistakes were corrected each year but they were never advised how to do things right.

Most of my clients experience a growth process where things just get easier each year, as we discuss the things they need to do. Through consulting, they end up producing their own bookkeeping in a way that is understandable and meaningful to themselves, and that also provides the information needed for an organized tax return that takes advantage of the tax breaks they can properly use.

I offer free initial consultations. Call anytime and we can explore how I can be of assistance to you.

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